Do Yourself and Your Home a Favor – Call Them

HouseArt Custom Paint and Art is my favorite painter, artist, and even home decor go-to! I can’t thank them enough for always coming through. With their expertise, attention to detail, and genuine care, my house went from a 30 year Old blah, to beautifully custom painted, styled and decorated home. Brian, especially, is always available with suggestions on color, and has a great eye for style, too. He even guided me to the perfect kitchen back splash and fireplace upgrade. And when I wanted him to paint my kitchen island to look like an aquarium, he talked me out of it (THANK YOU LOL =). He said let’s create an ocean feel in your home, instead of huge fish tank! He was right =) Do yourself and your home a favor – call them! From regular painting, to custom textures, suede and faux finishes, murals, etc., Brian and the team at HouseArt Custom Paint and Art are fantastic! I strongly suggest you treat yourself to their talents and expertise!