Faux Stone Fireplace

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The Reilly’s living room has a round corner fireplace. They love the architecture and the idea of it, but wanted to liven up the room and help the fireplace stand out, making it more of a focal point than letting it blend away into the white corner wall.

We presented the idea of a faux stone fireplace that could create with interior paint.

The cost of acrylic and the custom paint job we did for them is thousands of dollars less than rock or ceramic tile.

This Las Vegas living room really pops with the soft tons. You can see the details of the final project in the close up images of the fireplace mantel and hearth.

We’ve also painted faux stone on concrete floors and walls in other client’s homes.

Where would you want to see stone in your house?

Real People, Real Reviews

"My home is painted and styled beautifully, thanks only to you and your care, detailed eye, and talent. And, I'll thank you every chance I get, for, I still receive compliments every time someone sees what you've done."

~Kristin Jost via Facebook

"Brian painted a rock path on my basement floor that leads from the foot of the stairs to the patio doors. It's acrylic on concrete sealed with layers and layers of polyurethane. It's held up great with kids running in and out, easy to clean and friends think it's super cool."

~ Evan Emerson

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We're artists. Experts in custom interior painting. We do basic interior and exterior painting as well as faux, murals, decorative and other custom house painting. Sometimes, all a room or home needs is a flat coat of paint applied by a pro painter. Your custom interior project may be enhanced by a flat painted accent wall. Everything we do is done with the highest level of quality workmanship.

Faux Finishing

Faux painting adds a depth and beauty that basic painting doesn't offer. Specialty finishes, glazes and textures create a softness and luster that change the look and feel of the room.


As a trained and practiced artist with a BA in Art and Concentration in Painting, Drawing from UNLV, murals are one of the most sought after specialties I create for clients.

Decorative Painting

If you're tired of looking at a blank wall, floor or ceiling, there are hundreds of ways to bring life and interest to a space by creating a decorative pattern that brings the outside in or creates a modern space.

Children's Murals

Endless Ideas. Children love...

  • Princess Castles,
  • Space and Rockets,
  • Sports and Super Heros,
  • Nursery Rhythms,
  • Fairy or Animal Forests,
  • And so much more!

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