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HouseArt Custom Painting

Your home will come alive with custom interior paint by Brian Schmidt at HouseArt Custom Painting. Imagine the space you've always dreamed of and let's make it happen.

Convey your vision to us. We'll create it for you.

Our clients get access to a highly trained and experienced artist who focuses solely on custom artistic interior paint. Working with us, you get top of the line interior paint, design and painting techniques reserved for discerning and perceptive clients.

If you appreciate aesthetics and want a magnificent custom painted room in your home, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Faux Finish Painter, Muralist, Decorative Painter, Children's Rooms

Faux Finishing

Faux painting, specialty finishes, glazes and textures create a softness and luster that change the look and feel of the room.


As a trained and practiced artist with a BA in Art and Concentration in Painting, Drawing from UNLV, murals are one of the most sought after specialties I create for clients.

Decorative Painting

You can bring life and interest to a space by hiring us to create a decorative pattern that brings the outside in or creates a modern living space.

Children's Rooms

  • Princess Castles,
  • Space and Rockets,
  • Sports and Super Heros,
  • Nursery Rhythms,
  • Fairy or Animal Forests,
  • Endless Ideas!

Real People, Real Reviews

"My home is painted and styled beautifully, thanks only to you and your care, detailed eye, and talent. And, I'll thank you every chance I get, for, I still receive compliments every time someone sees what you've done."

~Kristin Jost via Facebook

"Brian painted a rock path on my basement floor that leads from the foot of the stairs to the patio doors. It's acrylic on concrete sealed with layers and layers of polyurethane. It's held up great with kids running in and out, easy to clean and friends think it's super cool."

~ Evan Emerson

Best Las Vegas, NV Interior Painters

Are you searching for the best house painters in Las Vegas?

Hi, I'm Brian, owner of HouseArt Custom Painting. Over the past 15 years, my team and I have done hundreds of custom interior painting, faux finishes, painted murals, remodels, and decorative paint projects in homes and businesses nationwide. I pride myself and my company on professional, artistic house painting and extraordinary service.

Whether you're a homeowner, interior designer, property manager or commercial builder, when you hire us, you're playing with a full deck.

But, that's enough about us. Let's talk about your vision.

You have one or more interior rooms or outside spaces you're considering for a really nice custom paint job, faux finish, mural or decorative painting. You want to add interest to your space and create something special. An interior design you, your friends or children and guests will appreciate. Am I right?

Most likely, you care about your home interior and this project enough that you don't want some ragtag painter showing up late, smelling like last night's casino or raising the painting bid because he has a little gambling problem.

You want a home interior painting company that WON'T ... talk over your head, rush your decision-making process, pressure you into buying, charge you an arm and a leg, go MIA halfway through the project or leave your home looking like a tailgate party outside of Sam Boyd Stadium.... We hope.

We hope you want a painting company that:

  • Shows up on time,
  • Is personable and professional,
  • Has a unique, artistic skill set to bring your vision to life,
  • Isn't the cheapest, but definitely the best,
  • Is efficient and completes the job on time,
  • And leaves zero mess, so you can enjoy your new space.

You just want to love the end result and be able to enjoy what you've worked so hard for. But, it needs to be flawless and hold up to the daily grind. Am I on the right track?

If so, and you want a fantastic new space done by the best custom painting pros in the Las Vegas metro area, who are fun, easy to work with and treat your home like a canvas...

Whip out your phone and call (702) 375-0072. Brian usually answers. You'll like him. If it's after hours or you prefer email, use this form and we'll reply right away.

Here's what you'll get, for free.

  1. A meeting, walk-through and detailed estimate.
  2. The best warranty in the business.
  3. Samples, ideas, color consultation, ....

We're excited to show you why we're the best custom interior painting company in Las Vegas.


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About HouseArt Custom Painting

From a young child, Brian Schmidt had an obsession with art and painting. After a degree from UNLV and years of training, he started HouseArt Custom Painting with a desire to create amazing spaces homeowners could be proud of. As a professional with a flare for faux finish painting and murals, he creates that extra zing in your home.

An Early Start

From a young age, I began drawing and yes, even walking.

Always Creating

Sports themed painted murals began small, but always had a lasting purpose.

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You appreciate aesthetics and want a magnificent custom painted room.

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